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Operation Hugs & Kisses was formed in January 2010 in response to a major row home fire in Pine Grove. A group of friends got together to try to assist our friends and neighbors who were hit so hard by the fire. Our enjoyment of working together for the betterment of our community has led us to continue in our meetings and mission to try to assist our community and neighbors, when we are able, while enjoying each others company. We are not a political organization and do not get involved in politics. We Incorporated in January 2011 as a Pennsylvania Non profit. As of April, 2014 we are proud to announce we are now an official Federal 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Current Members

President- Larry Krammes

Vice President- Missy Witherow

Treasurer- Brenda Junker

Secretary- Sandy Price

Directors: Robin Werner and Diane Krammes

Other Active Members :Kathy Adams, Abby and Levi Bettinger, Linda Deitrich, Barb Heinbach, D Joanne Hoffman, Rich Junker,  Kurt Kemmerling, Krista Klinger, Diane Krammes, Larry Krammes, Donna Medeiros, Sally Modesto,  Diane Sattizahn, Kathy Schnoke, Brenda Shurman, Sue Strouphauer, Jerry Witherow

Recent Photos

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