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Our Constitution


     The name of this organization shall be known as Operation Hugs and Kisses. The organization was officially recognized as a Pennsylvania Non- Profit as of February 3, 2011 by the Pennsylvania Corporation Bureau.   


The objectives of Operation Hugs and Kisses shall be:

SECTION 1 - To develop and promote interest and pride in communities serviced by the Pine Grove Area School District (hereafter Pine Grove Area).

SECTION 2 - To lend financial, moral, and motivational support to the Pine Grove Area by promoting local businesses, organizations and needs with in the communities served.

SECTION 3 - To participate with other groups within the Pine Grove Area for all such good causes as the members may see fit. We will endeavor to keep our focus on organizations as opposed to individuals to avoid potential favoritism or conflicts of interest. When asked to raise funds for an individual we will defer to donating an item for raffle (ie jewelry, basket) vs individual donations to individuals as we can not possibly help every individual within the communities we serve.

SECTION 4 - To promote fellowship within our organization building friendships and encouraging an appreciation for each others unique talents. Those unique talents are the building blocks that make our organization strong and successful.


SECTION 1 - Membership shall be open to any and all individuals interested in the promotion of the Pine Grove Area. Active Members –must attend at least four regular meetings in twelve months, participated in two functions and be current on their dues to be considered an active member. Inactive Members can help with functions and must be current on their dues. Active members are entitled to vote on organization matters. Inactive members will not have voting rights. All members will pay dues of $10 per calendar year by March of the year Members joining mid year will have 2 meetings after joining to pay their dues.

SECTION 2 – Initial corporate formation members were Melissa Witherow, Joanne Daubert, Kathryn Schnoke and Brenda Junker.


The officers of this organization shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The initial officers for the organization were the incorporators listed Article III, section 2, of this document, listed respectively. Directors and Committee chairs will be appointed by the officers as necessary for the organization to function and grow.



SECTION 1 - The President shall preside at all meetings of the organization and appoint all committees as needed. The President shall vote in the event of a tie.

SECTION 2 - The Vice-President shall assume all duties of the President in his or her absence.

SECTION 3 - The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all monies, received and dispersed, showing specifically for what account collected and what purpose expended. Shall also present a report at each meeting. The treasurer shall be bonded if the balance in the treasury exceeds five thousand dollars.

SECTION 4 - The Secretary shall keep the records and minutes of all meetings and attend correspondence.


SECTION 1 - The regular meeting of this organization shall be held during the first Monday of each calendar month at approximately 7:00 PM in an agreed upon establishment.

SECTION 2 – All Four officers or Two officers and 3 active members must be present for a quorum. Parliamentary procedure will be followed as per Roberts Rules of Order.

SECTION 3 - Order of Business shall be as follows: Call to Order, Approval of the Minutes to the Previous Meeting, Treasurer’s Report, Old Business, New Business, Committee Report(s), Remarks, and the Closing of the Meeting.

SECTION 4 - Special meetings may be called by the Officers as needed for ongoing projects. Notification will be sent out by the Secretary via Text and / or email, advising all members of any special meetings called.


Section 1 - An auditing committee shall be appointed by the Officers at the last regular meeting each year. This committee shall consist of two active members and they shall review the treasurers records and bank statements. They will present their report of any findings by the March meeting.


Section 1 - No person will make purchases when utilizing funds from the organization without prior consent from the majority of the officers or majority of the members.


SECTION 1 - The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the active members present at any regular meeting.


SECTION 1 - In the event this organization is disbanded, any and all remaining funds shall be given to the Pine Grove Business and Community Association Disaster Relief Fund as this was the original inspiration for our formation as Operation Hugs and Kisses.

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