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June 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes

June 16, 2014 Monday Group Meeting

Start Meeting 7:00

New Members

Dawn Tucker

Sandy Phillippy

Samantha Kemmerling

Sue Strouphauer

Brenda read the Treasure’s report: Opening $23,988.58, Debits $6,293.32, Credits $577.56, Ending Balance $18, 272.82

Vote on a movie for Family Fun Night in August 8, 2014

Discuss Harrisburg Senator’s Game / Voucher Sales / Advertising

Joanne called the meeting to order at 7:05

Introduce the new members

We disbursed last month’s minutes to all the members as they came in the door. We asked them to review the minutes and if they have any questions or concerns to address.

Motion to accept the minutes was made by Linda Dietrich and seconded by Kathy Adams.

Pine Grove Community Day we set up a stand and had raffle drawings. Tickets were sold for $1.00 each. 50/50 we raised $119.00 and $25 was donated back to Hugs & Kisses. Thank everyone who came out to help for the day.

Linda Dietrich, Ed wants to know if we can do a food stand at Pat Aungst sale. August 23, 2014. Vote on if we want to do it. Robin made the motion to approve and Kathy S. second the motion.

Robin to talk about the 10 planters in town that need to be watered. We need to have members adopt a planter. Miranda is doing Donaldson, Kathy Adams is doing Tremont, Linda Dietrich is doing the one across from BG’s, Krista Smith is doing the three at our building, Donna Mederios is doing North End and Sharon is doing the one in South End of town. Robin and Craig will do the planters at the red light.

Red umbrella’s at the pool we donated. We are going to have to find a way to put our logo on the umbrella’s. Fabric paint and paint on xoxo. Samantha and Heather.

Joanne will contact Jarred about the air conditioner and the front door lock.

Harrisburg Senator’s Game. July 9, 2014 Operation Hugs & Kisses night. Mountain Man from Duck Dynasty will be there at the game. Our community night. 50 tickets we will be able to have a marketing table, Do an on air broadcast, a member to throw out the first pitch. So with that being said we need to sell tickets. If they can’t make that game they can always buy a voucher for another game.

We spoke about the Schuylkill County fair how we can donate our time, hand out our calendar of events, get the word out about who we are and what we do for our community. We would need members to volunteer throughout the fair week and in return they will send us a check at the end of week with a monetary donation for our group for helping.

Joanne spoke about a great way to become more organized. New member Samantha Kemmerling has used it in college. Get the program set up. We will have a committee to get this going and keep it updated. It’s free as long as we don’t have more that 2000 emails. 12,000 emails a month. Joanne would like someone to work with her to get it set up and work with it. was created from an Oprah Winfrey show. Some guy won a million dollars and created this website. We can set it up if someone would want to donate $10 / month to a certain organization. will collect all the funds and send us a check. We can go into and we can shop online and go to shopping mall and pick a store every company will give back a certain percentage to our organization. You have to make sure you choose Operation Hugs & Kisses as your charity. For the person who does the donating will get a tax form at the end of the year that you can use for a taxable deduction as a donation to a non-profit organization. There are cons, once you sign up you get charged a $1.00 a month.

Contest to work on our Logo. We would like to vote on the Logo’s. Give them to Joanne or Kathy and we will vote on them at our July 7, meeting.

Fundraisers – Additional fundraisers, sub / pizza tickets, Hoss’s night, Boscov’s ($5.00 per voucher) , Red Lion Night, McDonald’s night, Logan’s Steakhouse family night, Mr. Sticky Sticky Buns, Bingo night, lottery calendar, comedy night.

Family Fun Night, August 8, 2014

Officer’s had committee and people signed up under the committees.

Fireworks, Movie Setup, Grounds Maintenance, Food, Advertising, Posters, Stage entertainment, outside vendors, monies, tickets, snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy, games. Port o potties

Vote on a movie to show for family fun night.

Pool party at the swimming pool for hugs & kisses

Grants, we were going to have some of Mike Tobash’s representatives and a young man who has volunteered to do the grant writing. We have different contacts that were given to us to set up a meeting to discuss what grants we are available for and what we want to do and improve in the community. Include borough council to work with us. Research will be needed to find different grants that we can apply. Linda Riley, Amy Jo Brixius, Joanne Hoffman, etc., Revitilization committee. Green space, fixing sidewalks, crosswalks, garbage cans, benches.

Results for fundraisers, Boscov’s & Comedy night and dance afterwards, Lottery Calendar, Red Lion Night Linda Lehman, Kyla Snyder, & Sandy Phillippy will look for comedians. Three Comedians needed. Jason Burke organizes the comedy night. We usually do it in October.

Toy Story movie for Family Fun Night by majority vote.

Posters for Family Fun Night.

Kathy does all the advertising.

Sponsor a hole for the Sherwin Williams fundraisier, July 19, 2014. Brenda made the motion and Dale second it. Brett A Yoder Memorial Golf Tournament. Half of the proceeds will be donated to: The Melanoma Research Foundation, Hershey, PA.

Missy adjourned the meeting and Dale second the motion.

Refreshments were served after the meeting.

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