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June 2013 Monthly Meeting Minutes

June 4, 2013 Montly Meeting, Operation Hugs & Kisses

Welcome everyone to the meeting.

Joanne called the meeting to order at 7:05

Charlie Zimmerman, April Warner, and Kim Brown Zerbe to give donation to

Lynne Umbenhauer for the Pine Grove Recreation Committee

Last month’s meeting notes read, Brenda made a motion and Sharon second it

Brenda read the treasurer’s report, Kathy adams accepted, Kathy schnoke second it

Read thank you cards from the local fire companies, Kori Kemmerling

Make a note to send the Anthracite Baseball Coaches Association for check donation $663.00

Brief explanation of Community day what we served

Back pack / book bag boxes made and placed. Advertised on facebook, send an email

Voted on giving back to the community for all different reasons.

Majority vote to up the donation to $500 to give to the Pine Grove Recreation Committee

Send the American Legion a thank you card, family of Sabilla Stine

Talked about Cannonballing Cancer to send 5 huggable bears for them, also about send $50 gift cards Bev Morgan motioned.

Family Fun Night, set up committees, Joanne is setting up for everything needed


Fireworks Committee

Movie Set up

Door Prizes

Ground Maintenance

Joanne Daubert

Food Stand, etc.

Kathy Schnoke

Advertising, Newspaper and Media, Posters, Signs, Photographers, Facebook and Website updates

Brenda Junker

Stage Entertainment, Outside OH&K vendors, money drawers, tickets

Robin Werner

Rentals, Bouncy House, snowcanes, cotton candy, popcorn, games

Sharon Wessner

Bake Sale, Penny Candy, Liability Insurance

Lady and the Tramp Movie for Family Fun Night, by majority vote

Tri-Valley Pharmacy, July 25, 2013 Christmas in July, they would like to know if we would like to have a stand or what they can do for us. Do we want to have a stand or do something?a

Hometown Hero Flags / Banners, Robin gave us an update. Christmas light committee, spoke to Dick Becker, down by the canal the poles already have the hardware there that we can use. 30x60 flag $125.00, 24x48 $95.00, we could always run them up American Legion Boulevard if needed, 26 poles total at the canal. We would have to pay for hardware if we go American Legion Boulevard. They are vinyl flags, picture can be on each side for an additional $20. 3-5 year life for general wear and tear. VFW and American Legion will help out in some way. We will need bucket trucks to install, etc. First come first serve.

New Business

Halloween Float

Quarter Auction

Schuylkill Chamber of Business Membership

Presentation to Lynne Umbenhauer $500 check for Pine Grove Recreation Committee

Presentation to Charlie Zimmerman of supplies for the Pine Grove Youth Center

May Monthly Meeting Minutes

May Monthly Meeting, May 6, 2013

Community Day, June 1, 2013


Fresh Strawberry Sundaes

Loaded Nacho’s / Walk Away Taco’s

Planters in place, we will need approximately 4-6 people to help place the planters.

We will have a paper for the businesses to sign stating they will take care and water the planters.

Do we want to buy cloth flags to put in the planters for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day?

Family Fun Night, Friday, August 16 with a rain date of Saturday, August 17

We will need shifts to set up / during the event / and everyone for clean up.

We will need different committees for the event.

Need to talk to Kenny Gibson to do the outdoor movie and sound system, also Avery LeVan Band to perform that night. Missy spoke to an Elvis impersonator who would come and sing a variety of songs. Amy Jo Brixius and kids, Heather Clevenger performs.

Need ideas for the movie.

Make a basket so we can do a kids raffle; give each kid a ticket for the drawing.

Are there any other suggestions or ideas for the night?

We need to also get different groups to set up stands, Organizations, Wayward Animal Rescue, Cheerleaders, Fawn Sirbough, boosters, girl and boy scouts, PGABCA, Lions, Masons, etc. Everyone must bring their own table and chairs, get contact information

Get Ducky Schneck with the clowns to do balloons.

Need to start purchasing bottles of soda when they are on sale for the ring toss.

Dime toss, see how many glasses we have in storage / Longs & O’Neal’s

Maybe get neon bracelets and necklaces to give to the kids

Penny Candy, cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, individual cookies, cupcakes etc

Do we want to do the Bouncy house this year? Take a vote

Dave Sattizahn / fireworks

McDonalds fundraiser night in July to raise money to help pay for the fireworks

Lollipop game, balloon darts, duck pond, etc.

Ask Brenda / Robin about the paperwork for giving donations to different community groups.

What do we want to do with giving something to the Pine Grove Youth Center? Paper products and snacks?

Money donation to the Pine Grove playground towards the swing set?

Pig Roast at Swatara Archers Club, Pig Roast for Butch “Dale” Kintzel, June 1.

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