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May 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Monthly Meeting, May 5, 2014

Presented checks to the fire companies

Read the minutes, motion to accept Diane Sattizahn and Kathy Adams second

Budget report read by Brenda, ending balance $23988.58, Credits $28259.38, motion to accept Donna Mediros, Robin Werner second

Announce that we have a new building located at 7 Millrace Street, Pine Grove. He asked for $400 month plus utilities, Jared decided to give us the rent for the first three months at $200, next three $300 and go from there to see if it is something we can handle. We must pay utilities, water, sewage, electric and heat. We will be able to make baskets there, build furniture there, etc. It needs a good cleaning. We are in need of tables and chairs.

We will start to have our meetings at our new home starting in June.

We did an estimated budget on the figures Jared gave to us. Brenda will read over the estimated budget.

Rent $4800

Electric $100 per month

Sewage is $125 a quarter

Programmable thermostat

$2400 a year for oil

Liability insurance $500 / year

Looking at different businesses who would donate to us, but some require a permanent address.

Applying for small games of chance for a year to do fundraisers to raise money to help defray the costs.

We want all the members to feel it is our place. We will have our meetings there and other small fundraisers. Looking to do an open house on June 7 when Community day is being held.

Both storage units need to get cleaned out and moved into the new building. Move shelves in and get organized.

Robin will touch on the insurance policy with everything combined. Freeman-Gingrich quoted us $500 as an annual premium. So with that being said they will put us in a package policy. Contents and liability included. Sharon made a motion to go with Freeman-Gingrich, Joann Schneck second the motion.

The Officer’s did meet with the Mayor and councilman Scott Zimmerman to find out what we need to do to take over one of the FEMA green spaces. They are working on getting us a list of what can be done. Items must be movable. No liability issues, borough is responsible. The borough council is trying to work with different organizations for the betterment of the community. We also suggested about putting benches around town and also garbage cans at various locations. As they want Pine Grove to start looking nice and working together with the different organizations. The only responsibility we have will be to landscape the property and take care of it. We are waiting for them to get back to us with regulations.

We talked about the planters. We do have some planters (pots) left that are still in good shape. Place 4 planters at the corners of the Red Light, one at each Welcome to Pine Grove signs, some in Tremont and also put some in Donaldson.

Robin spoke to Gary Bush from Bush’s Landscaping about doing the planters. We would also ask Dee’s Flowers to do the Tremont baskets and Mr. Harner to do the planters for Donaldson. Try to get them out for the Memorial Day weekend.

Ask Members for feedback on what they think with the planters.

Missy asked for a motion to accept to go with Bush’s, Dee’s and Reds, motion to accept, Kathy Adams, second Krista Smith. All in favor.

Scott Zimmerman sent Missy a message. He is on the swimming pool committee. They are trying to bring things back for the pool. They are getting a food person in to do the snack shack. They are planning different activities at the pool. They had asked us if we would be interested in donation umbrella’s to put around the sitting area. They are asking for 8 umbrella’s with an approximate cost being $500. They want to do a free pool night for Operation Hugs & Kisses for the community to show their appreciation for what we do for our community.

We spoke to the members about doing the umbrella’s. Do them Red & white with XOXOXO’s. Made a motion of all in favor to get prices for the umbrella’s and if we want to get all the umbrella’s for the pool. All in favor to purchase 8. Motion to accept, Donna Mediros, Second Joann Schneck.

Cleaning of the facility, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6-9, Saturday to start cleaning out the storage shed.

Diane Sattizahn will help Wednesday night

Krista Smith will help Saturday morning

Meet at 9:00 on Saturday morning at our building.

We are going to Horning’s Wednesday to pickup cleaning supplies.

Cleaning email to everyone to get help.

We are looking for a small chest freezer. Do we want to get a new one or second hand one. We need folding chairs, tables, etc. We have a small refrigerator that was left there in the building. We need to get our own freezer.

Joanne will talk about the Harrisburg Senator’s Baseball game. Game starts at 7, gates open at 6. We want to sell 200 tickets.

We want to get people’s email addresses so we can let them know upcoming events.

Family Fun Night for August. Vote on a date. August 8, 2014 for Family Fun Night. Brenda made a motion to go with August 8, Wendy second the motion. All in favor.

If we get the building up and running would you like to hold Open House on June 7 when community day is also being held.

We are doing something different in appreciation to our members. We want to make sure all the members know how much we really appreciate everything you do throughout the year. Every month we are going to have a birthday appreciation for the month at meetings. Happy Birthday month! We are going to have cake and drinks each month.

Small games of chance for a year. Missy

Motion to adjourn the meeting Kyla and Kathy Adams, 8:16.

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